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Some useful links from various sites to help you get safe and stay safe.

Project Pictogram

Project Pictogram - Driving Safer Roads, is a business "crowd funded" road safety advertising initiative to deliver collective road profit protection and fatality reduction

This 3 minute video clip explains what Project Pictogram – Driving Safer Roads is all about. Full guidelines and free pictogram artwork files can be downloaded from the web-link below.


The ambition is to make it the largest and most sustained piece of 'Fatal Four' driver behaviour change focused advertising ever undertaken.

The initiative invites all well managed fleets to donate a very small portion of advertising space on it's vehicle back doors to display 5 industry standard Pictogram decals. The Pictograms highlight the simple-to-change driver behaviour habits which are present in almost all Killed or Serious Injury (KSI) collisions, as well as the more minor collisions which disrupt traffic flow and business profitability daily.

This weight of 'mobile outdoor advertising' media will make these key messages visible on every journey at the very time and place where the messages are most relevant - on the road!

The cost to business is just £2.50 per vehicle, and pictogram decals last the lifetime of that vehicle providing daily on road reminder 'nudges' on safer driver behaviour habits. 7 years’ on-road safety advertising for just £2.50! In advertising messaging terms, the cumulative effect of this small investment by every fleet is a scale of advertising never before directed at changing these key risk reducing driver behaviour habits. It’s a reasonably equitable approach with total cost of stickering relating to the size of a fleet and, simplistically, the scale of their risk. However, there is no requirement for a fleet to apply decals to its entire fleet in one go/year. Decals can be phased-in during a scheduled service, and applied in regions to allow costs to be spread without impacting brand presentation.

The return-on-investment to business will be the profit protection delivered over time through safer, freer flowing, roads. For many fleets the cost of adding the advertisement decals to their entire fleet will be less than one minor trip to the body shop following a rear-end-shunt.

Does back door advertising work in raising ‘brand awareness’? Ask your advertisers!

Having heightened awareness on these key driver behaviour risks, more detailed basic driver education messaging featuring the pictograms can be delivered through supporting media/social media, and travel plans, using the pictograms to trigger recall of the messaging when on the road. The attached ‘3 Simple Driver Habits’ graphic would be an illustrating of this joined-up messaging.

Crime Prevention

A guide to reducing the risk of your home being burgled and what to do if you are a victim of burglary.

Fraud advice for Retailers:

The official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime':

For advice on protecting yourself, your home and your belongings:

For crime prevention advice:

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