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The Blue Lamp Trust will seek to provide offers with a synergy to our aims and objectives to all visitors to our website. However on occasions these may be limited to members

Portmore Insurance

As a long term supporter of the Blue Lamp Trust, Portmore are in a perfect position to recognise the benefits of the Blue Lamp Trust’s Driver Training Courses. Portmore understand how to successfully pitch these benefits to Insurers to ensure that all of their clients who undertake the training reap the benefits in their entirety. They believe that the value of these courses have so much potential and can reduce your insurance premiums and claims loss ratio’s greatly, displaying very quick results.

This is why Portmore Insurance will fund 10% of the first classroom course (not including venue costs) undertaken by all new clients who hear about us through this referral scheme.

Here is a case study which demonstrates what they can do for you working with the Trust:

A leading Home Improvements Company saw their rate per vehicle double following deterioration of claims experience. This resulted in a renewal premium of £73,500 for 63 vehicles.

In conjunction with the Blue Lamp Trust we agreed to send the client's drivers on their in-vehicle driver training. As a result Portmore managed to reduce their premium to £53,500.

A £3,000 investment on driver training saved them £20,000 on their insurance

To discuss this offer or find out more please contact Portmore Insurance who will will be happy to provide you with more information on any of their products and services.

T: 01794 515544

Inspection of Driving Documentation

The need

Department for Transport research concludes that over 553,000 hours per month are spent on the road by unlicensed drivers. Industry statistics show that nearly one in three of all drivers covering business mileage have penalty points on their licence. Every day, driver's licences are revoked with or without their knowledge. The photo card driving licence introduced in 1998 has a ten year validity. Those issued in 1998 started to expire last year (2008). In our experience, over 80% of drivers holding these licences are unaware that they expire.

Once a driver elects to use their own vehicle for business use, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the driver;

  • Has a current Driving Licence for the vehicle type used
  • Conducts regular maintenance and safety checks of the vehicle used
  • Has current motor vehicle insurance that includes business use
  • Has a current vehicle Test Certificate (MOT) for the vehicle used

Historically capturing this vital information has proved difficult, both in administrative terms and driver compliance.

The Solution

We offer a range of solutions through our partner organisation that will help businesses meet their obligations in managing their Grey Fleet drivers:

  • A DVLA database Driving Licence check service from £7.75 per driver – did you know these checks on average find a problem with more than one in fifty employees checked?
  • A checking service based on driver provided information for Insurance, Test Certificate, Vehicle Maintenance and safety which will also cover any medical conditions relevant to a driving requirement. This service is available from £9.50 per driver.

Our processes are entirely paperless and are managed on line electronically. This is a secure, fully managed driving licence verification service delivering on-line results to driver enquiries directly from the DVLA driver database. The system verifies an individual driving licence record and status with enquiry results delivered at customer level in a secure web based application that provides a comprehensive range of on-line management reports and summary of any actions required.

  • Please note that approximately 2% of driver licence checks cannot be accessed electronically for technical reasons. This means that our provider needs to request a manual copy and for this we must make an additional charge of £6 plus VAT for each check when this occurs.

All our prices are subject to VAT.

Historically capturing this vital information has proved difficult, both in administrative terms and driver compliance.

Further information about our Online Driver License Checks is available online, for enquiries please contact or telephone 0300 777 0157

Grey Fleet Risk Management

The need

Once a driver elects to use their own vehicle for business use, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that the driver conducts regular maintenance and safety checks. Historically capturing this vital information has proved difficult, both in administrative terms and driver compliance.

The solution

With this in mind our partners have developed an online risk management product aimed specifically at these drivers and to ease the process. Supported by a live reporting structure, historic, driver-supplied information is held on the system, enabling you to produce evidence that you have requested drivers to conduct safety checks to ensure their vehicle remains roadworthy and legal. In turn, this means you can identity drivers who have not submitted maintenance and safety information and act accordingly. The process is entirely paperless and managed electronically.

More details can be found by clicking here.

For further information please contact info or telephone 0300 777 015

Free Taster for Business Driver Training!

If you are interested in a FREE invitation to see what our Driver Training Courses can offer your business then please contact us to arrange a place on one of our classroom courses. This offer is particularly relevant to Employers, Directors, HR Personnel, those working in the field of Health and Safety, or Transport Managers. Please note that this offer is only available to companies.

Blue Lamp Trust Public Driving Course

Concerned about your driving, or of a loved one's? Driving too fast? Using mobile phone whilst driving? Then why not buy a place on the Blue Lamp Trust's Public Driver Awareness Training Course? Our special introductory price is extended at great value at only £30 including VAT!

Call now on 0300 777 0157 between 10 am and 4 pm.

For more information visit our public course page

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