This page provides a list of frequently asked questions about the Bobby Scheme, the charitable arm of the Blue Lamp Trust which provides free home safety and security visits and practical support to vulnerable people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, particularly the elderly and victims of burglary and domestic violence. If you can’t find your questions on this page,         please e-mail us.

What is the Bobby Scheme?

The Bobby Scheme is a free, practical service for the elderly and vulnerable within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We help clients make their properties safer and more secure, for example after a burglary, by replacing locks and fitting door chains and spy holes. We also install and replace smoke alarms and give clients advice on how to make their homes more secure. For a donation we can also supply and fit Key Safes.


Who is eligible?
Our service is free for residents of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight who are:

  • Vulnerable due to age (65 or older)
  • Vulnerable due to circumstance – for example serious health issues
  • Disabled
  • Victim of burglary
  • Repeat victim of crime
  • Victim of domestic abuse
Can I refer someone from outside Hampshire?
We are unable to operate the Bobby Scheme outside of Hampshire at this time.
What if the client is not the owner of the property?
If the client is a tenant, they will need to seek consent from the landlord. As our service is free landlords normally don’t object, however we do need permission before we can carry out any work.
What does it cost?
The service is free to those who qualify.

In some cases we recommend that we fit a key safe. As these are expensive items, we do ask for a donation to cover some of the costs.

What can I do to secure my home?

There are plenty of things that can be done to improve the security of a home. Download our Safety Booklet for tips and advice. Alternatively, visit Hampshire Constabulary’s site for a range of crime prevention advice.

Who is the Blue Lamp Trust?
The Blue Lamp Trust is the organisation that runs the Bobby Scheme. The Trust bids for community funding, receives funding from organisations such as Hampshire Police and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, and makes grants available to local schemes that are working toward reducing crime. The Blue Lamp Trust also provides commercial driver training and assessment services, the profits of which go toward funding the Bobby Scheme.
Who pays for the Bobby Scheme?
Work conducted by the Bobby Scheme is funded through profits generated by the Blue Lamp Trust’s commercial activities, as well as donations from individuals and support provided by our sponsors.
How do I book a visit?

Use our online form to book a visit. Click here to book a visit or make a referral.

Can I refer someone I know?

Anyone can make a referral, as long as the person you’re referring meets our criteria (see above). Please ensure the person you are referring is happy for a referral to be made on their behalf. Click here to access our online referral form.

Who are the fitters?

Our fitters are trained, uniformed, police vetted and carry IDs. We will advise the client of the name of the fitter who will be attending before they arrive. You can read about them on the Our People page

How does it work?
Once we have received a referral, a member of the team will contact the client or their representative to arrange a time and date for the appointment. The fitter will call to confirm when they are on their way. When they arrive they will be wearing their Blue Lamp Trust uniform and have an ID badge. They will then carry out a full safe and secure check of the house and talk to the client to understand their situation and requirements. Any agreed work will be carried out at the time of the appointment.
Could you come and talk to my community group about the Bobby Scheme?

Yes, our fitters can attend local community groups, where attendees would meet our referral criteria, to give talks about home safety and security and give further information about the Bobby Scheme 

Do I have to be at home for a visit?
Yes, the client will need to be at home for the duration of the visit.
How long does an appointment take?
Visits will vary in length depending on the situation and the clients’ needs. We recommend you allow about an hour.
Can you fix my broken windows while you’re here?

No, the Bobby Scheme is not a repair or handyman service. Our fitters are not able to carry out any glazing work.

Can you install CCTV?
No, we do not fit or fix CCTV systems and are unable to carry out any electrical works.
Can you fit a key safe?

We are able to fit key safes where necessary. However due to the high cost of these items we do ask for a donation to cover part of the expense. 

Please be aware that we can only fit key safes supplied by the Bobby Scheme.

What types of key safe can you fit?

We supply and fit the Supra C500 ACPO Police accredited Key Safe. The donation of £75 includes the supply and fit of the key safe.

Does the key safe come with a warranty?

Key safes fitted by the Trust carry a 5 year warranty against faulty operation of the safe or installation by the Trust


Are home visits still being carried out due to COVID?

Yes they are.  We have procedures and PPE in place to protect our Bobby Scheme Fitters and our clients.

All fitters have PPE, are vaccinated and carry out weekly testing.  They will also try to maintain a social distance with clients throughout the visit.  They may ask a client to wait in a different room whilst they carry out work at the property.

An ahead call is carried out with the client prior to the visit and the client is asked if they or anyone in the house is self-isolating or have any symptoms.  If there are any concerns the appointment will be rescheduled accordingly.


Do Fitters wear PPE?

All fitters have gloves and face masks.   Although it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks they will do so during a visit at their own digression or at the request of the client.

They will also have disinfectant to clean down their work area afterwards.

Do I need to wear PPE during the visit?

Wearing a mask is optional for the client.  They may chose to wear a mask if they feel comfortable to do so.

Are Fitters vaccinated?

Yes. Our fitters are fully vaccinated.

Are Fitters Tested for COVID?

Yes. Fitters are testing at the start of their working week.

The Bobby Scheme relies on donations to fund our work. Please consider helping us to protect the vulnerable and elderly in our community.

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