Wheelchair & Combined Assessments FAQ

1. How do you book an Assessment?
You can book on-line here

2. Can I book an Assessment over the phone?
If you do not have access to the internet you can book over the phone by calling 0333 700 0157.

3. Is there a cost for an Assessment?
The cost of a Taxi Driver Assessment is £87.00.
The cost of a Wheelchair Assessment is £40.00.
The cost of a Combination Assessment is £117.00.

4. When do I need to pay for the Assessment?
Payment is required at the time of booking.

5. What methods of payment are accepted?
Payment can only be made using a Credit or Debit card.

6. Is there a difference between an Assessment for a Hackney Licence and a Private Hire Licence?
No, the Assessment is the same whether you are applying for a Hackney or Private Hire Licence.

7. After I have booked on-line who will contact me?
You will be contacted by one of our Approved Assessors working in your local area to arrange a mutually convenient date, time and location for your assessment.

8. Where are your Test Centres located?
The Blue Lamp Trust does not have Test Centres. We have Approved Assessors located nationally who conduct Assessments from locations convenient to them and the candidate.

9. How long does it take for someone to contact me after I have booked on-line?
You will be contacted by an Approved Assessor within 2 working days.

10. How long does it take to schedule the Assessment after I have booked and paid?
We aim to complete Assessments within 15 working days of your booking.

11. I am not based in Southampton, so can I do an assessment local to me?
The Trust has Approved Assessors nationwide.

12. Will I have to travel to my Assessment location?
We aim to allocate an Assessor as near to you as possible, however you may be required to travel a short distance to meet the Assessor.

13. Can I only do an Assessments on certain days of the week?
Assessments are mainly conducted during working hours Monday to Friday however some Assessors may have evening and weekend availability.

14. Can I use my friend’s vehicle if mine is off the road?
You can use any vehicle as long as you are insured to do so for the purpose of the Assessment, the vehicle is roadworthy and suitable for the purpose of the Assessment.

15. Can I arrange a time and date to suit me?
This will be agreed between yourself and the Assessor when they contact you.

16. Will I be notified on the day if I have been successful?
Yes, and you will receive a copy of your Assessment sheet and hard copy certificate.

17. What happens if I do not pass the Assessment, can I re-take?
Yes, you can re-take the Assessment by making a re-booking. The re-booking should be made on-line.

18. How much is the cost of a re-booking?
A Taxi Driver Assessment costs £87.00, a Wheelchair Assessment costs £40.00 and a Combination Assessment costs £117.00. There is no discount for a re-booking.

19. Is there a limit to the number of times I can re-take my Assessment?
Some Local Authorities restrict the number of attempts a driver can take at the Assessment. You should ask the Local Authority that you are applying to for clarification on this.

20. How long is the Assessment valid for?
There is no expiry on the certificate. It is at the discretion of the Local Authority that you are applying to.

21. If I move area will my Assessment still be valid?
This is at the Local Authorities discretion.

22. What do I do if I am not happy with my Assessment?
The Blue Lamp Trust has a complaints procedure which you must follow. All complaints should be made in writing to info@davidn27.sg-host.com or to Blue Lamp Trust, c/o Police and Fire HQ, Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9SJ within 10 days of your Assessment.

23. Can I take my Assessment in an automatic vehicle?
You can take your Assessment in an automatic vehicle however you will only be licenced to drive an automatic vehicle not a manual. If you take your Assessment in a manual you will be licenced for both vehicle types. This decision is made by the Local Authority.

24. If I need to cancel my assessment will I still be charged?
The terms and conditions of booking state that you must give 5 clear working days’ notice to cancel or change a booking. If less notice is given than this a refund will not be given.

25. Do I need a UK driving licence?
No, your licence must be valid but does not need to be a UK issued licence.

26. What happens if there is a fault with my vehicle on the day?
The car needs to be roadworthy if not the assessment will not take place and you will need to re-book for another date. Re-booking will incur the full fee.

27. What do I need to bring with me for my Assessment?
Driving Licence, photo ID if your licence does not include a photo, glasses or contact lenses if required and a suitable vehicle.

28. What is a suitable vehicle?
Your vehicle must be; right-hand drive, less than 9 passenger seats, weigh no more than 3.5t, have 4 wheels and have head restraints in all seats and have an unobstructed rear window.

29. Can I take my Assessment in a van?
No, you must be able to see out of the rear windows.

30. Can I take my Assessment at the weekend or in the evening?
This is at your Assessors discretion. Some Assessors are happy to work evenings and weekends.

31. What if my assessment is cancelled due to no fault of my own?
If there is inclement weather or the Assessor is unable to undertake your Assessment, it will be re-booked at the next available date. If this is not suitable a refund will be issued.

32. Can I have an interpreter with me for the Assessment?
Yes, if required. They may assist you during the briefing at the start of the Assessment and again at the end. During the Assessment they must remain quite in the rear of the vehicle.

33. Who are the Blue Lamp Trust?
We are a charitable organisation based in Hampshire. We offer driver training to generate an income for our Bobby Scheme which visits vulnerable and elderly people to help secure their homes free of charge.

34. What happens if I am late for my assessment?
If you are more than 5 minutes late for your assessment it is likely that you assessment will not take place. This will be at the assessors discretion.

35. Can I take a Taxi Assessment & Wheelchair Assessment on the same day?
Yes.  You can combine a Wheelchair Assessment together with a Taxi Driver Assessment at a discounted rate of £117.00 in VAT.

36. Can I take advantage of the Combined offer on separate days?
To benefit for the reduced combined offer of £117.00 Inc Vat your Taxi Driver Assessment and Wheelchair Assessment must be taken on the same day.

37. Can a taxi assessment be taken in a wheel chair accessible vehicle?
Yes, as long as the vehicle is not licenced with the Local Authority.

38. Do I have to provide a Wheelchair for the Assessment?
No.  The Assessor will provide the Wheelchair.

39. Do I need to provide a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

40. What equipment do I need to provide?
The Assessor will provide the Wheelchair but you will be required to provide the Straps/Clamps/Ramp/Lift.


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