The Blue Lamp Trust has been conducting taxi driver assessments across the UK since 2011 with a network of DVSA Fleet Approved Assessors. We currently provide this service to over 120 local authorities across the UK. The proceeds from the business go to support the Bobby Scheme, providing a FREE practical service to the elderly and the vulnerable, offering reassurance and restoring a sense of security within their own home particularly after a burglary.



Licensing authorities have a duty of care to make taxi travel as safe as possible for the public. The Blue Lamp Trust is committed to road safety and continues to maintain the exact standards set by the DVSA for Taxi Driver and Wheelchair Assessments. The Trust does not provide practical training before an assessment, to avoid any possible conflict of interest. Assessments are at zero cost to the licensing authority and all money made by the Trust is used to promote and enhance community safety through its Bobby Scheme.

Evidence shows that taxi driver assessments enhance public safety. For example, following 4 years of conducting assessments for a Licensing Authority in the South of England they have seen a 37% drop in taxi-related incidents, with a 36% reduction in injuries.

In 2019 the Trust launched its Police approved Taxi Driver Safeguarding Training.  This is available to new and existing Taxi and Private Hire Drivers in both eLearning and classroom formats.

Please use the links to find out more about the Blue Lamp Trust’ taxi driver assessments, wheelchair assessments and safeguarding training, or to contact us.

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